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This blog serves to archive our email newsletters, as well as to publish original content. This original content will give our users insight on our company culture, industry news and company updates. 

The Name's Taco, Fish Taco.


Taco here.

I am the namesake of the new site's blog - Taco Blog.  This blog serves to archive Visual Interest email newsletters, as well as publish original content about our company culture, industry news and updates. 

Who am I? I am not just any ol' chum, but a pretty popular guy around the Visual Interest office. But since you may not know who I am, here is a little intro:

The name's Taco, Fish Taco.  The land-walkers designated me as the VI mascot and resident party animal. I am mounted to the gallery wall, where I can watch over the comings and goings of this crazy office. 

Hometown: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

3 words to describe myself? Cold-blooded, gullible, hipster (I pride myself on going against the mainstream).

Childhood NicknamePinche Marlito.

I enjoy spending my time... Partying, competing in staring contests, drinking tequila, checking out mermaids, painting with water colors, making new friends, and taking selfies for my Finstagram. (Follow me! @TacoFinsta)

I DON'T enjoy spending my time... Being mounted to this wall. 

I keep an eye on all the VI happenings, so nothing gets past me. If there is anything you need to know about Visual Interest, I know all the gossip, so stop in to say hi. You just gotta buy me some margs to get me talkin'.

Ta-ta for now,
Fish Taco

Scott Hill