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Sparklab Level 3 Recap, Courtesy of Taco


Taco here. 

If you're new to the Taco Blog, let me break it down to you land-walkers. I am the namesake of Visual Interest's blog, the VI mascot & resident party animal. I am mounted to the gallery wall, where I watch over the comings & goings of this crazy office - because of that, I like to keep my admirers updated on current events via this blog. 

The Sparklab finale was last week and I am going to give a little swim down of the micro-trade show, party, whatever you want to call it. There is a lot to cover, so I will reel it in for you.

In Level 3, our players were tasked with discovering the location where Professor Plum used his knife to commit murder. Our Sparklabbers visited our manufacturers, gathering raffle cards and searching the VI office - I like to think of it more as my kingdom - for clues exposing the location.

Did you find the clues? If not, I’ll fill you in:

Footprints leading upstairs, a purple color-coded location signs, playful Professor Plum props and a knife - all strategically place in the Mezzanine!

Also on the Mezzanine, we had a craft cocktail and spirits tasting by our neighbors at Ironton Distilling. They provided cocktails named after some of our favorite Clue characters - Miss Scarlett’s Pomegranate Gin Tea and Colonel Mustard’s Amaretto Sour. Our other stellar neighbors at Mockery Brewing provided us with their very own Professor Plum Sour.

How about our Level 3 manufacturers? We got to hang out with ALW, Ligman, Luxxbox, Axo Light, Birchwood, Hinkley, ILP, MOJO Illumination, Lyte Poles, Modular Lighting Instruments, PageOne, Tegan, Philips Color Kinetics and Philips Daybrite/Ledalite.

Over the course of 2018, we partied it up with you peeps in 3 levels and worked on solving the lighting mystery to our Clue-game themed event series. At each level we identified the suspect, uncovered the weapon and discovered the location.

We had had 13 of you smart sardines attend all 3 levels AND identify the correct clues at each. They will be attending the prized “Mystery Celebration”, which is - drum roll please - an evening at Denver’s Escapology!

Congrats to Melina Moser, Kathleen Menyhart, Mio Stanley, Carlos Munoz, Kathy Ford, Joe Branchaw, Kate Cullen, Sam Hewitt, Jennifer Hewitt, Ryan Linton, Allison Wood, Sam Schlect and Ryan Walker for solving the lighting mystery!

Sparklab 2018 Clue edition is now complete! Thank you to all our manufacturers, players, vendors and VIers who make this event what it is. Stay tuned for Sparklab 2019, we are going to be mixing it up.

Cowabunga dudes,


Scott HillComment