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Sparklab Level 1 Recap, courtesy of Taco.


Taco here.

Last week Visual Interest hosted Sparklab Level 1 and it just blew me out of the water. From the quality client-manufacturer interaction to that tasty Barn Light margarita bar, it was a success!

We had fourteen of our stellar manufacturers come hang with us during Level 1 where they got to speak with clients in Sparklab’s unique, micro-tradeshow set up. The manufacturers included LigmanBarn LightHolmSLVChameleonTegan Lighting, Axis, OCLJescoDuraGuardLeviton, Philips: Color KineticsGardco and Lightolier.

I got to welcome some new party peeps to Sparklab this year. Four of Visual Interest's manufacturers attended for the first time   - HolmDuraGuardChameleon and Leviton -  giving them face-to-face experience with clients and more brand awareness. 

I like to think that Sparklab is different than other tradeshows because of its incentivized learning, intimate atmosphere and game board approach. Our players voted for 2018 to be Clue-themed and we listened!

Players visited manufacturer tables and collected raffle cards from each, all while keeping en eye out for clues around the office. Players then voted with their raffle cards on who they thought the correct suspect was. If you guessed right, you had a chance to win $1,000! If you guessed wrong, you still had a chance to win $50! 

The three-part game series focuses on identifying the suspect, uncovering the weapon and discovering the location, all while learning about lighting product. Level 1 clues placed strategically around our office revealed the correct suspect. Being mounted to the gallery wall, I’m able to keep an eye for any clues. I caught on to them, but did you?

I’ll go over what you missed if you didn’t identify the right suspect...

A purposefully placed purple bow tie, the very popular Plum Punch, the violet ceiling SkyRibbon lights, scattered purple M&M’s in the cookies… all pointing to Professor Plum.

Congratulations to Keaton Looney with ME Group for guessing Professor Plum and winning $1,000! 

The additional raffle winners are: Eddy Cervantes, Allison Wood, Brian Greelman,Sam Hewett, Bill Kastler, Korey Kirschenmann, Mark Moline, Emily Odell, Allison Wood, Landon Templeton, Zac Roueche & Kelly Stewart.


Did you miss Sparklab Level 1? That’s ok! We have Level 2 and Level 3. Plus, other opportunities to earn points throughout the year!

At Sparklab Level 1, Visual Interest had the opportunity to introduce its newest endeavor – Lighthearted. It's something we are pretty stoked about. 

Lighthearted’s mission is to create a deeper connection to our community through philanthropic efforts. We aim to achieve this through experiences, donations and helpful hands.

Every year, Lighthearted will elect a different organization to support through our philanthropic efforts and events.

In 2018, Lighthearted will be benefiting El Sistema Colorado, whose mission is to empower children by providing an intensive music program that teaches the importance of teamwork, promotes self-confidence, and instills the value of social responsibility.


In case you missed it, Lighthearted announced Rollin’, the November 9th bowling tournament benefiting El Sistema Colorado. I'm jealous of all you land-walkers that'll be able to go. If you have any interest in Rollin' and would like more information, please let us know here

Sparklab Level 1 would not have been a success without the participation of our manufacturers, clients and staff! I definitely liked having all these awesome people learnin' and partyin' at Visual Interest. Level 2 and Level 3 will be even better. 

Thanks for listening to me recap Sparklab Level 1! Keep an eye out for my other blog posts, I think they are pretty great. 

Ta-ta for now, 
Fish Taco

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