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Introducing VI's Digital Catalog Library


Taco here.

Holy mackerel, I am about to tell you about an awesome, new resource, right here on Visual Interest's website!

I can't tell you how many times I have thought to myself, "Taco, why isn't there one place where I could access all of VI's manufacturer catalogs at the tips of my fins?". Today, that changes. 

Introducing VI's Digital Manufacturer Catalog Library - a place where you will be able to access catalogs from our lines. 


You can find the digital catalog library by selecting the drop down menu under Line Card or by going to our page, Line Card List and selecting the "Manufacturer Catalogs" button on the right. 


I am pretty stoked about this upgrade and I certainly hope you are too! So, check it out, click around, you might just find the luminaire of your dreams..

If you are a manufacturer and do not see your digital catalogs in the library, please cast marketing a line via

Thanks for reading my blog, you should check out the rest of it. It's a place for me to express my thoughts and feelings. After all, I am a very introspective and artistic marlin. 

Ta-ta for now, 
Fish Taco