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Sparklab Level 2 Recap, Courtesy of Taco


Taco here. 

If you're new to the Taco Blog, let me break it down to you land-walkers. I am the namesake of Visual Interest's blog, the VI mascot & resident party animal. I am mounted to the gallery wall, where I watch over the comings & goings of this crazy office - because of that, I like to keep my admirers updated via this blog. 

Today, I'm going to cast you a recap of Sparklab Level 2. There's a lot that happened but I will try to reel it in for you. 

We had twelve of our stellar manufacturers come hang with us during Level 2 where they got to speak with clients in Sparklab’s unique, micro-tradeshow set up. The manufacturers included: Axo LightVision3LuminiiIntenseRayonLouis PoulsenILCEELP, HunzaUplight Group, LiteSheet, Philips: DayBrite/Ledalite/Gardco/Lamps & Ballasts

In Level 2, our players were tasked with uncovering the weapon Professor Plum (revealed as the suspect in Level 1) used to commit MURDER! Players visited manufacturer tables and collected raffle cards from each, all while keeping en eye out for clues around the office.

Players then voted with their raffle cards on who they thought the correct weapon was. If you guessed right, you had a chance to win $1,000! If you guessed wrong, you still had a chance to win $50! 

The three-part game series focuses on identifying the suspect, uncovering the weapon and discovering the location, all while learning about lighting product. Level 2 clues placed strategically around our office uncovered the correct weapon. I was able to catch onto all the clues...and I even was one myself MUAHA! Did you guess right?

There were several clues, but I’ll go over the top 3 that you missed, if you didn’t uncover the right weapon...

Our bar featured Odell Brewing Co.'s Cutthroat Porter, the monitors were asking if you're sharp, AND the final clue was tucked right beneath my fin...all pointing to the knife!

Congratulations to Melina Moser with AE Design for guessing the knife and winning $1,000! 

Our other raffle winners are: Lars Burham, Alyssa Tharrett, Paul Plewcyzynski, Jenn Holschneider, Courtney Lunsford, Phil Terry, Anthony Gustafson, Ethan Neslund, Carol Wilson, Sammy Au and Bob Lindenberg. 

Not only were we partying away at Sparklab, but the City of Denver and the RiNo Art District hosted the grand re-opening of Brighton Blvd. after 20 months of construction! We had front row seats to the ribbon cutting with Mayor Hancock, bands, block parties and all sorts of excitement for Brighton businesses. 


Oh my Cod, Sparklab Level 2 was a success and that wouldn't be possible without everyone who partied the day away with us! Thanks to all you land-walkers who learned, earned and had fun!

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