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New Xcel Energy Rebates - Effective 9/1/18


Taco here. 

I'm passing on some reel important Xcel Energy rebate updates for you to keep an eye out for.  Xcel Energy is launching several new lighting rebates that will go into effect Sept. 1, 2018. These rebate updates will affect troffers, exterior lighting, stand alone controls and stairwell fixtures, and will now include networked lighting controls. 


Xcel Energy rebates on troffers are being made to align with market costs and will be the same for prescriptive, retrofit and new construction. 


Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting rebates have decreased due to the rebates now being aligned with Xcel Energy peak load. Twenty four-hour parking garage lighting rebates have also dropped minimally. 


Stand Alone Control Rebates

Xcel Energy's stand alone control rebates will undergo multiple changes for the Sept. 1, 2018 launch. New rebates for stand alone control will be structured by dollars per controlled watt, instead of dollars per sensor. These rebates will be available for LED interior retrofit and parking garage retrofit, but will not be applicable for exterior lighting projects. Sensor rebates are in addition to fixture rebates.


LED Stairwell Fixture Rebates

The changes for LED stairwell fixture rebates will become two separate rebates. One rebate for the fixture and a second rebate for the sensor. The rebates are decreasing from $75 per fixture to $40 per fixture. 

Networked Lighting Controls

Rebates for networked lighting controls are $0.40 per connected watt, which are in addition to equipment rebates. This also applies to any LED retrofit or prescriptive fixture, but excludes exterior lighting. For the rebate to apply, fixtures and controls must be rebated at the same time. Controls also must be on the DLC QPL and contractors will need to sign the rebate to confirm that the NLC system was commissioned. 

With all these changes and updates happening to the Xcel Energy lighting rebates, you may have some questions - cast an email to for help and resources using these rebates. 

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