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Sparklab The Price is Right - Level 1 Recap, Courtesy of Taco


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If you're new to the Taco Blog, let me break it down to you land-walkers. I am the namesake of Visual Interest's blog, the VI mascot & resident party animal. I am mounted to the gallery wall, where I watch over the comings & goings of this crazy office - because of that, I like to keep my admirers updated on current events via this blog. 

With Visual Interest taking a Sparklab hiatus to prepare for the 2019 edition - The Price is Right - I haven’t been able to hang out with all my favorite party peeps. So welcome back!

In 2019, the Sparklab game-theme is The Price is Right! Not only do we have a new theme, but we shaked things up this year by getting rid of the points system, adding on instant winnings and only hosting two Sparklabs this year. We think this makes it more fun AND simple for everyone.

Level One kicked off on March 21 in VI’s RiNo-based office with some terrifically tacky Price is Right decor. Our Sparklabbers played Plinko, Hole-in-One and got to spin the wheel - All for a chance to win instantly!

Not only were there instant winnings, such as a Keurig, air fryer, yoga equipment, gift cards and more, BUT there was also the Showcase Raffle! If one of our Sparklabbers chatted with at least 12 of our manufacturers, they could enter to win a $250 Southwest Airlines gift card, luggage set, portable charger, along with other travel goodies. Not to mention a REUSABLE VI water bottle to help save some of my fellow fish friends. Congrats to Ali Ghamkhar who won the first Level raffle!

How about our Level One manufacturers? We got to hang out with ALW, ILP, Rayon, Intense, Axo Light, Hennepin Made, Crestron, Steinel, Lumax, DuraGuard, Fabbian, Axis, Rosco, Ligman and Signify brands Lightolier, Color Kinetics & Lumec/Gardco. Our buddies over at Rosco even made custom Price is Right and Visual Interest gobos to project on our gallery walls, making for an even more exciting atmosphere.

Level One was a huge success, with the most attended event to date and more winnings than ever! Not to mention, it was fantastic having all my favorite party peeps back at VI for our 4th annual Sparklab kickoff. I can’t wait for ya’ll to “Come on Down!” for Level Two in October!

You know what they say … ”It’s a game. It’s a party. It’s Sparklab”!

Cowabunga dudes,


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