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Vinochromatic Recap, Courtesy of Taco


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If you're new to the Taco Blog, let me break it down to you land-walkers. I am the namesake of Visual Interest's blog, the VI mascot & resident party animal. I am mounted to the gallery wall, where I watch over the comings & goings of this crazy office - and one of my jobs it to keep my admirers updated on current events via this blog.

Vinochromatic, the festival that made illumination and wine collide, did NOT flop! On April 27th, Visual Interest teamed up with Two Part’s to put on a stellar, never-before-seen spin on a wine event.

Now, I myself am a tequila guy, but Vinochromatic may have turned me into a wine connoisseur. Plus, wine often pairs well with fish.

With a focus on keeping it local, Vinochromatic sourced it’s wine and food vendors from Colorado Wineries, distributors, food trucks and restaurants. You’re not a huge wine snob you say? Well, Vinochromatic not only had a huge variety of wines to explore, but also hosted a few spirits and cider vendors!

You may be asking, “what kind of lighting rep partakes in a wine festival?”, but you must’ve forgotten that VI isn’t just any ole lighting rep. VI endeavors to create unique experiences that show off our manufacturers’ products in an exciting atmosphere.

Rosco, our manufacturer specializing in projections, provided tremendous support in creating a maze of color throughout the CTRL Collective in Denver’s Dairy Block. Using the X-Effects projector, Rosco created a photo booth with a moving backdrop and ‘Vinochromatic’ logo projection. Experiencing the creative use of light in this festival and space exhibits the types of effects that can be created with Rosco’s product portfolio.

Although not a lighting specific industry event, VI had to jump on an opportunity to be the lighting sponsor for a Denver festival and be a part of something larger that showcases the power of light.

Cowabunga dudes,


Products used:

  • Rosco: Miro Cube, Braq Cube, Pica Cube, X-Effect Projector, Litepads.

  • Color Kinetics: Blast, Burst, Graze, controllers.

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