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Lighting Controls

Lighting Controls

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Line Card

Crestron Commercial Lighting Control 
Whole building solution with elegant user interfaces

Network lighting control panels, data line switches and room controllers

Leviton Lighting & Energy Solutions
Architectural & theatrical lighting controls

Inverters and battery systems

Perfect Power Systems
Inverters and battery systems

Steinel America Inc.
Switches, Room Controllers & Power Packs

PHILIPS Lighting Controls
Comprehensive lighting controls

Color Kinetics
Intelligent white and color-changing lighting control systems

Smart Platform for Lighting Controls & IoT solutions

Lighting Controls Line Card Application Guide


Lighting Controls Services 

  • Lighting control design-build & design assist

  • Lighting control startup, commissioning & training

  • Technical support & troubleshooting

  • Warranty support

  • Submittal and as-built drawings

  • Intelligent white & color-changing system design-build and design assist

  • Intelligent white & color-changing system startup, programming & training

  • Inverter system design assist & layouts

The city of Denver follows the 2018 IECC code requirements.

There are major changes to lighting control requirements under the new code. Visual Integration has developed an IECC 2018 design flowchart to help guide you through the changes to your controls designs. Between Crestron, ILC, Steinel and Philips Indoor and Outdoor Controls, we have a variety of options for cost-effective, IECC 2018 compliant designs.
Click here to download your free IECC 2018 design guide!