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Sparklab 2018 Registration

Sparklab Level I March 15                         Sparklab Level II June 21                         Sparklab Level III October 18

A game. A party. The speed-dating equivalent to learning about lighting product.

It’s your job to stay up to date with the latest lighting trends, and it’s our job to make sure you know about them. Between face time, product releases and ever-evolving information, there is always so much to see and so little time. And let’s be honest, sometimes it is not so fun. That is why in 2016 Visual Interest created Sparklab! A fun, incentivized game to learn about the latest & greatest in the industry.

Not your average tradeshow, but a themed and competitive game. There are dozens of opportunities to learn and earn points: more points = the better the prize. Last year over 500 clients earned over 300,000 points. This equaled over $7,000 in prizes!

First, sign up for our e-newsletter here! This is how we will communicate with you on how to learn and earn points.

  • When you see a SPARK email from VI, ask your sales person to show you the featured product (+100 points!)
  • When manufacturers are in town (check the calendar!), schedule an appointment with your sales person (+200 points!)
  • Come to our Sparklab events! (March 15, June 21, October 18) and visit with our featured manufacturers. The more you visit, the better your chances are to win big. (+500 points!)

Come spend your lunch or happy hour with us: March 15th, June 21st or October 18th, from 12pm – 7pm at the VI Office. Each event will host two food trucks, a full bar, valet parking, and a LOT of fun tied into the game theme: Clue! Sparklab is like a tradeshow... but better. Spend a few minutes at the booths that interest you the most, learn and earn! There are prize giveaways throughout the day, and a chance to win big at every level.



  • Points can only be collected during the designated game dates*
  • Be honest with yourself. If we are featuring a product or manufacturer that you don’t have interest in, pass on the points. You will have plenty of opportunities to earn elsewhere! 
    *Your first chance to earn will be announced January 16th. The cut-off date for earning points is Thursday, October 4th.


  1. We’ve leveled the playing field. Even if you don’t start playing the game until halfway through the year.. you can still win this game. Even if you miss a few products or visitors… you can still win the game.
  2. Miss an opportunity to earn points? Don’t worry, we’re offering giving you another chance.
  3. Earn more points, more often. Expect some surprises along the way...
  4. If you miss Sparklab, you can still win the game. But try not to miss Sparklab… because each event will feature some pretty sweet prizes.